Find out more about the cannabis strain Cheese, a variety with a cheese flavor

Written by on 30 September, 2020

If you are one of those who likes to enjoy the different flavors that can offer you the diverse varieties of cannabis and these looking for one with cheese flavor, do not worry that in this opportunity we are going to present you a variety of marijuana that surely you will love, it is the Cheese. To know more, we invite you to continue reading this post.

Cheese by Dinamifen

The Cheese of Dinamifen Seeds is an ideal strain of cannabis for cheese lovers, because those who consume it will enjoy an intense and lasting flavor and aroma of cured cheese. The atmosphere will be impregnated with intense notes of Skunk, old cheese and incense.

Likewise, the users of this plant will be able to feel a pleasant effect, powerful and balanced. This one begins with a cerebral stimulation and ends with a sensation of physical relaxation.

As for its level of THC, this plant contains between 9 and 14%; and a level of Cannabidiol (CBD) average.


This hybrid variety of Dinamifen Seeds, predominantly indica, develops plants with a dense and branched structure. In the same way, it also presents fine and elongated sheets, and heads of good size that, are elongated and with a unique dark green color.

If you wish to grow this variety of cannabis in interiors in a discreet way, keep in mind that the best thing will be to use a filter anti-smell to try to control its penetrating aroma.

Other characteristics:

Flowering indoor: 50-60 days.

Production in inside: 525 g / m2.

Harvest outdoors: Beginning or middle of October.

Production outdoors: 1000g/plant.


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