Fast-cycle marijuana strains ideal for outdoor growing 

Written by on 27 January, 2022

One of the most important steps to set up a marijuana plantation is precisely to choose the type of strain to grow.

If you are going to plant your marijuana outdoors, remember to choose the most suitable strain for your type of plantation. Some growers prefer strains that are fast flowering or have a good natural resistance to mold and pests.

To help you choose the best strain for you. We will introduce you to some fast flowering cannabis plants from Royal Queen Seeds that are ideal for outdoor planting.

1- Honey Cream Fast Flowering

The flowering time of this variety is remarkably short, only 6-7 weeks, which makes it ideal for those places where the weather can get bad in early autumn.

Outdoors and under the right conditions, cannabis plants of this variety reach a height of 180-250cm and produce up to 675g per plant.

Honey Cream Fast Flowering is an indica dominant plant and will offer you flowers with approximately 16% THC.

2- Fat Banana

Fat Banana is one of those potent strains, its plants can even exceed a THC level of 25%.

It is a perfect cannabis strain to grow outdoors, it only needs 7-8 weeks to mature its flowers.

Under the right conditions, it can produce up to 500g per plant by mid-September.

3- Sweet ZZ 

This cannabis strain has a fruity aroma and a delicious taste. It takes only 7-9 weeks to flower, so if you decide to plant it outdoors you will have it ready for cutting by the end of September.

When harvest time comes you will be surprised. This strain can produce up to 600g per plant, under the right conditions.

This strain can reach THC levels of 15-20% and, although this plant is indica dominant, its effects are firmly focused on the mind, not the body.


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