Fall in love with the Delahaze strain, a strain with high THC and pleasant taste

Written by on 14 February, 2021

For some, spending Valentine’s Day without a partner can be distressing, but what better company than a good marijuana strain.

Yes, cheer up, make your own plans and enjoy the Delahaze cannabis strain, a variety of Paradise Seeds, you will fall in love with the qualities that this plant can offer you. Follow us and know more details.

Haze Genetics

This sativa-dominant variety stands out because it combines the best of the Haze (a very popular strain among the cannabis community).

Delahaze Mary Jane flower is an excellent variety that has a great Haze flavor, with citrus and mango touches, and its extreme potency, with high THC levels that can reach 18 and 22% will fascinate you.

The effects of this Mary Jane start progressively, until you reach a euphoric and uplifting high. The best thing is that it is a longer lasting sensation.


Not sure, which cannabis strain to choose to grow? Well maybe the Delahaze strain is the one for you; you will be amazed when you learn about the characteristics of this strain.

Indoors it can flower relatively fast (approximately 9 weeks) and offer you yields that will catch the attention of many. Outdoors you can expect a yield of up to 1000 gr/plant. Sounds good!



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