Expert Haze: a variety with high potency

Written by on 19 August, 2020

Choosing the right cannabis strain, whether to smoke it, vaporize it, use it as an ingredient in your meals or simply grow it, is always an important step, because if you select the one that is best suited to what you are looking for, you will get the most satisfying results.

That is why when choosing the variety of cannabis you are going to use, it is ideal to know its characteristics so that you are aware of the effects it produces, the flavors and aromas it offers, and even the care it needs during its growth. Remember that there are many strains of marijuana and each one has different qualities.

If you are interested in Haze genetics, you will probably want to know more about Expert Seeds’ Expert Haze (feminized). Look at this note.

An almost pure Sativa

The Expert Haze is a variety 90% sativa and 10% indica, this plant is the result of the mixture of Haze strains with Laos’s genetics.

The THC level of this plant is 21%, so it develops an exceptional power, the effect ranges from a very euphoric experience to a psychoactive one.

This strain is characterized by a taste of incense, wood with fruity notes, which are sure to delight your palate.

Growing aspects

Whether you have a grow room or plan to grow your cannabis outdoors, this strain is great for you, as it adapts to both places, even in greenhouses.

Her flowering period is around 9-10 weeks, and she will give you a yield of 550-650g /m², while outdoors you can get up to 800-900g from a single plant in October.

In addition, its buds can be very large and heavy, so it is recommended to place supports on the branches to avoid breaking the plant.












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