Exotic Witch Regular? Find out more about this strain

Written by on 14 June, 2020

Surely, at some time, you have grown regular cannabis varieties or would like to do, so but you do not know which strain to decide on. We recommend the Exotic Witch Regular from Royal Queen Seeds.

Unsurpassed Taste

This polyhybrid variety of indica-dominant has a diversity of flavors that please the palate, ranging from touches of tropical fruits, acids, Kush, flowers and sandalwood, thanks to the mixture of intense terpenes.

Diverse Genes

As we indicated before, this plant is mostly Indica, but it also has Sativa genes, after coming from a native Sativa strain located deep in the tropical forests of the West Indies, which was combined with an old Indica strain from Northern California.

A strain for experts

As for its effect, it is usually relaxing and sedative. It also manifests itself quickly after the first puff. Some people recommend consuming it in the late afternoon or evening.

The Exotic Witch is suitable for more experienced consumers, as it offers compact flowers loaded with trichomes. Its THC level is approximately 20%.

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