Enjoy a powerful high with the Green Crack Punch

Written by on 28 June, 2020

If you do not know which variety of cannabis to choose to smoke a joint or a blunt, then surely this option that we are going to mention you like.

The cannabis strain the Green Crack Punch from the famous Royal Queen Seeds, seed bank, is a fantastic option to keep you energetic during the day. Keep reading this post to learn about some of the qualities of this potent plant.


This variety is the descendant of two popular varieties, we are talking about nothing less than Green Crack and Purple Punch, thanks to this great combination Green Crack Punch is a plant with a THC content of about 18%.

Green Crack Punch will give your body and mind a powerful high, the effect of this strain will fill you with euphoria, energy and relaxation. With this variety, you will enjoy citrus fruit, with hints of grape and blueberry.


If you like to grow your own cannabis this is an option you can consider. The Green Crack Punch achieves an indoor yield of 450-500g/m², and takes about 8-9 weeks to flower. In this type of growing these plants can grow to heights ranging from 90 to 160 cm.

Outdoors the Green Crack Punch can be 180 to 220 cm high; it is also capable of producing harvests ranging from 550 to 600g per plant, which you can harvest at the end of September.

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