Do you want a powerful high? Meet the THC-rich autoflowering plants

Written by on 5 May, 2020

Interesting post, for those who think that the world of auto-flowering has a very low THC content and it is not, that has already changed. We show you the strains that are definitely worth it!

Autoflowering strains are very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and can produce spectacular weed, especially if the plants are planted in large pots with powerful lights, can produce several crops in a year.

If you love a high and want to spend some quality time, read carefully what each variety gives you.

Green Auto Gelato

In 2018, the Gelato was named “strain of the year”. It is first on our list for one reason; Green Gelato Automatic can produce up to 24% THC, making it one of the most powerful auto-flowering plants on the market. Just a few puffs will be enough for you to feel the power of its effects. It is a real feast of fruity and citrus aromas to the nose, while its flavor is very sweet and slightly earthy.

The Green Gelato Auto is a great variety for creative projects. You can try it while you paint, write or compose music, or also for socializing at events.

Amnesia Haze Automatic

It brings the auto-flowering properties to a classic sativa. This strain has been finely adapted, with 50% sativa, 20% indica and 30% ruderalis, to make smoking and growing pleasure and contains 18% THC. It is a strong weed, but the flowers also contain respectable amounts of CBD.

The Amnesia Haze Automatic once you smoke it, you will experience a mixture of sweet and spicy flavors, along with the classic flavor of the Amnesia strains. This will be complemented by a psychoactive high that is cerebral, stimulating, and motivating.

Fat Banana Automatic

 It is predominantly Indica, fast flowering, and capable of producing up to 22% THC, so it must be one of the most powerful auto-flowering plants on the market. It produces a strong body effect of high. It is most enjoyable if consumed at night, watching a movie, listening to good music or just before going to sleep. We recommend not consuming it during the day (concentration).

It has a great aroma of tropical fruits with a bold touch of banana and notes of mango. When you smoke or vape it tastes sweet and smooth, so it will be hard for you to stop.

Royal Gorilla Automatic

 The word “gorilla” in a strain is synonymous with potency. This auto-flowering version incorporates ruderalis, sativa and indica qualities. The grass it produces does not disappoint, it is one of the most powerful auto-flowering strains with a THC content of over 20%.

This variety will give you a wave of happy feelings, with a cerebral effect that gives way to stay on the couch. This journey of sensations is also accompanied by a great selection of flavor. Traces of pine, citrus, and berries compliment the aroma.

Experience your high in good spirits, exploit your creativity, and let your imagination fly with any of these rich strains, ideal for a weekend where you want to spend it “high”.

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