Do you know Karel’s Haze Regular?

Written by on 15 June, 2020

If you are looking for a variety that is easy to grow and also offers exceptional taste due to its terpene potential, perhaps Karel’s Haze from Super Sativa Seed Club could be a good choice. This bank has a great reputation for the quality it offers, which has been maintained over the years.

A regular hybrid

This plant has genes that are descended from the mixture of different marijuana varieties such as Old School Haze and Chem Dog OG Fire, whose characteristics have combined to give this medium to large strain with interesting traits and Sativa dominance.

Karel’s Haze puts a lot of energy into developing frosted buds and her resin production capacity makes her ideal for those who like to make cannabis extracts at home.


The best thing is that this strain is not so complicated to grow, so you can do it without major inconveniences. You only have to give it the necessary care such as keeping the temperature controlled, watering, lighting and ventilation, among others.

This tropical citrus-flavored plant has a flowering period of eight to nine weeks. It is recommended to apply a small apical pruning when it is during the vegetative period, for better results in the harvest.

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