Discover Scott’s OG (Rare Dankness) strain

Written by on 5 June, 2020

Every time, there are more and more strains of marijuana, so knowing the characteristics of each one of them, is a rather difficult feat, however, this time, to make the task a little easier, we will talk about one of the many varieties of cannabis, in this case, the Scott’s OG.


This plant has Indica dominance, but this does not mean that it does not possess certain characteristics of Sativas, because, particularly, these genes cause the leaves of this strain to be longer than other Indica varieties.

The Scotts OG of Rare Dankness is a strain that was produced from the combination of a Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1; resulting in a regular, potent and productive cannabis variety.


Physically, as the flowers mature they become a deep green color, and depending on the light, the pistils may look maroon or orange. Among other characteristics, this plant is robust, with a solid structure, vigorous and offers crops of thick buds and full of resin.


As for its growing, it is easy to carry out, and the best thing is that it presents a rapid flowering, so if you are new to these things, you will not have major problems, however, you must be careful with the effects it causes, as they can be very strong and durable.





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