Dark Devil Auto, a colorful and THC-rich variety

Written by on 12 November, 2020

If it’s about varieties, you’re probably looking for a marijuana strain that meets your expectations. Well, for it it is very important that you have clear, exactly what you wish of a variety, since there are diverse aspects to choose (color, flavor, scent, size, effect and amount of cannabinoids, among others).

While you are in the search, what do you think if we present you the Dark Devil Auto from the Sweet Seeds seed bank? Surely when you know it, this variety will become part of your favorite strains of cannabis.


The Dark Devil Auto by Sweet Seeds is a marijuana plant that was born because of mixing different varieties of marijuana. This hybrid is a combination of sativa, indica genes infused with the auto-flowering traits of ruderalis cannabis.

It is a plant of an amazing aspect, which will undoubtedly please more than one user of cannabis, since it presents buds of purple, green and dark red color – all a beauty!


The Dark Devil Auto strain will not only please you visually. Your other senses like smell will also be pleased to enjoy its sweet and fruity aroma with incense and citrus tones.


What could be better than combining different worlds? The Dark Devil Auto shows since the germination a strong hybrid vigor. This plant grows with the aspect of hybrids indica – sativa, with a strong stem, many side branches and a big central flower.

You will love it! The production of resin is abundant, as well in the heads as in the sheets that are close to these. Those who consume it will be able to enjoy its levels of THC of 15-20%.

The blooming nature of this plant allows it to have a fast bloom. The Dark Devil Auto in indoor growing is able to produce 400-600 g/m2, while in outdoor plantations 50-200 g/plant. Have a good smoke!

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