Critical Jack: a variety with a powerful, lasting effect and high production

Written by on 28 November, 2020

If you like to smoke a good joint with good quality marijuana most likely you’ve heard about the feminized variety, Critical Jack, right? Well here we will tell you a little about it, is a fantastic strain to get high.

Stay with us and take note of some qualities of this plant dominantly sativa of Dinafem Seeds.

Characteristics of the Critical Jack

The variety of cannabis Critical Jack is a plant that has an enviable genetic origin. This strain was created after the crossing of very popular and respected varieties in the cannabis world; we are talking about the Critical and the Jack Herer.

The result of this mixture is the plant that offers you a sweet and intense flavor that mixes notes of wood, incense, pine, spices and lemon. The Critical Jack has a high content of THC, it will provoke you a powerful and lasting effect, which focuses mainly on the mental aspect.


If you grow the Critical Jack outdoors, your plants can reach up to 3 meters high. Their heads are big, elongated and compact; you will also love the rich layer of trichomes that surrounds them.

The big yields that this variety produces will call the attention of the cannagrower. In inside this plant is able to reward you with a production of up to 625 g/m2 while in outside it reaches up to 1200 g/plant, so, if you look for massive harvests this is the ideal strain.




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