Chocolate-flavored marijuana strains

Written by on 28 October, 2022

Depending on the variety of cannabis that you choose you will be able to obtain a specific flavor, aroma and effect that is why, if you select a strain with the characteristics that more approach your tastes, surely you will enjoy to the maximum your experience.

If you are a chocolate lover, then this post is the right one for you, here we will talk about some varieties of marijuana with that delicious taste and aroma.

1- Chocolope

This variety of cannabis, of DNA Genetics, will surely not disappoint you. Its strong sativa buds will produce an incredible cerebral effect.

The Chocolope strain is produced by crossing varieties such as OG Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze. You will fall in love with its delicious and sweet aroma of chocolate. Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.

2- White Choco Haze

This variety of dominance sativa, of Amsterdam Genetics, will surely attract your attention. It comes from strains like the White Choco and the Mexican Haze.

Its sweet and fruity flavors of melon and chocolate combine perfectly with its sativa effects. This plant will induce you to an inspiring and creative effect.

3- Choco Candy

This variety is perfect to place you with delicious chocolate aromas, and its THC level of 21% will make you fly high.

The Choco Candy cannabis strain originates from the mixture of varieties like Choco Haze and OG Chocolate Thai.

This strain, from Zambeza Seeds, is the perfect choice for those days when you want a marijuana strain with exquisite chocolate flavors and strong effects.




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