Choco Candy: a variety with high THC content and delicious chocolate aroma

Written by on 2 August, 2020

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that offers a high THC content and also a chocolate aroma, with the Choco Candy strain of cannabis from Zambeza Seeds, you can get that and more, so stay with us and read on to learn more about this delicious variety.


This strain was created by crossing two powerful varieties, Haze Chocolate and OG Chocolate Thai. The result of this combination is this plant with a THC level of 21%. It will give you a high that is fast, euphoric and uplifting.

Chocolate lovers will be delighted with Choco Candy, and its fresh and sweet taste is not to be missed.

Growing aspects

Indoor Choco Candy can reach a height of 100-150cm and is capable of producing up to 400-450g/m². While outdoors, it grows about 120-200cm high and you will get a yield of about 400-500g per plant.

If this predominantly sativa strain does not convince you yet, her 65-day flowering period certainly does. It is a perfect time that Haze lovers will appreciate, because usually strains with this genetics need more days of flowering.

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