Cash Express: an ideal strain for beginner growers

Written by on 29 August, 2020

If you are looking for a strain of cannabis to grow, here we are going to recommend you a variety that will surely fascinate you; we are talking about the feminized Cash Express of Zamnesia Seeds, a plant that offers you good results without complications.

Look at this post and know some of the characteristics of this plant half sativa, half indica.

Easy to grow

The Cash Express is produced after the crossing between varieties like the Power Bud and the Skunk. The result is this hybrid plant, which develops a content of 18% of THC.

The beginner growers will not regret choosing this strain, because it is easy to grow and needs little maintenance. This Skunk will give you excellent harvests in a short time.

Indoors it reaches a height of 1,5m and produces a return of up to 500g/m², whereas outdoors, if it has the best conditions, it is able to reach 3m and to offer a return of up to 550g by plant. In addition, its flowering period is only 8 weeks.


When you smoke this variety you will feel a strong and long lasting high, mainly mental and uplifting, but without neglecting its relaxing effect.

The characteristics, which offer you the Cash Express of Zamnesia Seeds, make it an excellent option to take in consideration if you already feel like starting your own culture of cannabis.







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