Cannabis strains ideal for winter smoking

Written by on 27 December, 2020

When it’s cold there’s nothing like staying warm at home, relaxing or enjoying a movie. What do you think? If we give that moment, a psychoactive touch sounds good, right. Then keep reading this post because we’ll give you a top 3 of perfect strains to smoke this winter season.

1) Banana OG

At the holidays there is usually a lot to do, so if you are feeling overwhelmed by the low temperatures and stress, you probably need some OG banana. This variety will be an excellent companion during these dates.

This strain was born from the cross between OG Kush and Banana Kush, a combination that resulted in a strain with a THC level between 20% and 25% (or more). With it, you will feel relaxation, euphoria, among others.

2) Burkle

It is time that you look for a blanket, don’t you think, this is getting cold so light your joint or bowl to enjoy the variety of cannabis Burkle.

If you have some injury whose pain intensifies with the low temperatures, this strain could be of great help to calm a little the pain.

Do not let yourself go by its name; this strain of cannabis is the winner of the Cannabis Cup 2016.

3) Kinky Kush

With this strain, whose amount of THC is considerable, you can warm up with your favorite blanket, while you lie on your sofa. The Kinky Kush has levels of this psychoactive component of up to 25 to 28%.

Now that you know these varieties, enjoy these girls and put on a good sweater that is cold.




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