Cannabis strain Auto Anubis from Pyramid Seeds

Written by on 28 August, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are many varieties of marijuana, each with different characteristics. If in your case, you prefer the strains with autoflowering qualities, precisely, here we will present you a plant with those properties.

Look at this post to learn a little more about the strain Auto Anubis, the automatic version of the Anubis from Pyramid Seeds.


The Auto Anubis is a product of the crossing between varieties as the Wembley, the Chronic and a Cannabis ruderalis. The result is this strain of fast growth, with a level of THC of 15% and a delicious taste of grapefruit and a sweet aroma.

The effect produced by this variety is strong and pleasant, but not overwhelming. Perfect for those who want to smoke it during the day while working.

Growing characteristics 

This hybrid strain, predominantly Indica, is an excellent choice for novice growers because it is very easy to grow, but will also catch the attention of veteran growers because of how quickly it will be ready for harvest.

The Auto Anubis usually maintains a low height and generally does not exceed 130cm. Indoors it can produce a harvest of about 550g/m².







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