Cannabis Sativa vs. Indica. How to differentiate them?

Written by on 28 September, 2020

Cannabis plants can be divided into two main species: Indica or Sativa. Generally, the user’s novices, they tend to confuse these two types of marijuana, but these present some different characteristics.

It is ideal that you learn to recognize each species so that at the time of choosing the plant that you are going to consume or growing, you select the one that better adapts to your needs. Read on and learn about some of the differences between these two plants:

1- Appearance

The plants of cannabis Sativa are characterized by a lot of growth, therefore, they are higher strains compared to the Indicas, they can even come to seem a tree in outside. Its sheets are thin, and the heads that develop are usually big and spongy.

The Indica varieties on the other hand, grow less and are characterized by being leafier; its appearance is more like a bush. Their leaves are usually wider and darker, while their buds tend to be heavier and denser.

2- Growing

The plants of cannabis Sativas are usually perfect for outside because they will have more space to grow. Its period of bloom is longer and in outside it can take up to 60 or 90 days.

The cannabis Indica, on the other hand, is usually an ideal plant for inside because they are lower plants. These plants take between 45 and 60 days to flower, a shorter time than the previous one, but generally, it has a bigger return. Everything will depend on the form of growing.

3- The effects

When you consume varieties of cannabis Sativa in general, the effects that usually appear are much more cerebral, energetic and stimulating. These strains are perfect for when you have to do creative activities.

The varieties of cannabis Indica, on the other hand, are known to produce an effect more physical, it sticks you more to the sofa, and it is much more relaxing, ideal to rest in house seeing a movie.

The medicinal users usually look for the plants Sativas to treat the depression and to improve the mood. While the Indicas use them to relieve pain and treat insomnia.

The cannabis world has advanced so much, and now you can find hybrid strains that combine the benefits and effects of these two types of cannabis.



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