Cannabis Legends: Northern Lights and Skunk XL

Written by on 12 May, 2020

In the next post, we present you 2 of the cannabis classics, the most popular and preferred by many. Get to know them! Why are they?

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a popular and recognized Indica strain with genetic roots that go all the way back to Afghanistan. Considered a must-have strain in indoor growing, it is part of many of today’s cannabis genetics and remains very popular with growers and weed smokers.

Its origins are a mystery. It is said to have been originally created by a person known as “The Indian”, somewhere on an island near Seattle, Washington, in the United States. This plant may have come to the “Indian” from the west coast, perhaps from California or Oregon.

It is said that “the Indian” grew 11 plants, from the native Afghanis, which he named Northern Lights #1-11. He carefully compared the plants for their yields, effects and other qualities. He carefully compared the plants for their yields, effects and other qualities. He chose the ones with the biggest buds, the biggest harvests and the highest resin production: Northern Lights #1 and #5.

Northern Lights became known as the “King of Cannabis” and founder of Holland’s first seed bank, Neville Schoenmakers, brought female seedlings of the plant to Holland, where he was experimenting with cannabis genetics from around the world.

Appearing in the mid-1980s, he has won countless cannabis awards around the world. His genetics have been used as the basis for many of today’s popular Indica-dominant strains, such as the White Widow, the Chronic, the Haze, the Special Kush, and many more.

The Northern Lights is considered a legend for the incredible brain and body experience it induces, thanks to its true Afghani Indica roots. With 18% THC and it’s powerful enough to relax you from head to toe. Its effect is not only profoundly soothing, but will also give you a nice high of euphoria, making it an ideal strain to relieve stress.

Moreover, it’s still a favorite among indica lovers around the world!


Skunk is one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. It is an emblematic strain of marijuana. Sam the Skunkman developed it in California in the early ‘70s. Sam was a member of a group of passionate breeders called Sacred Seeds; but, at the time he created this strain, Sam was only a novice when it came to growing experience.

In the old days, it used to take breeders several years to identify and stabilize the best genetics. In the case of the Skunk, its most desirable traits were good yield potential, a short flowering phase, an optimal flower-leaf ratio, good branching and its characteristic aroma.

The genetic base of the Skunk contains strains from around the world. Between them 2 pure sativa strains: Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold and an Afghan Indica. The Skunk arrived in Europe in the 80s. Shortly after arriving in Holland, Sam started selling his seeds under the name “Cultivator’s Choice”. Neville Schoenmakers, who would later create The Seed Bank of Holland, (the first seed bank) bought the remaining Skunk seeds.

When smoked, Skunk XL produces a wonderfully balanced high thanks to her 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics. As a good indica, it offers a strong body stone that’s extremely relaxing and calming, but without the powerful leverage associated with other indicas.

Thanks to her sativa heritage, she induces a euphoric and motivating mental high, so her effect is more energetic. The combination of indica and sativa power of the Skunk XL makes it a great variety for all occasions and is great for relaxing alone or with friends, and you can enjoy it at any time of day, day or night.

What is your favorite legend? Our answer is: We’ll take them both!


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