Bubblegum: a fast flowering Sativa dominant with dense buds

Written by on 4 June, 2021

Many are stoners and cannabis lovers who decide to grow their weed, and well, the truth is that getting into the world of marijuana growing can be a really rewarding activity.

Well, one of the first steps to start with your plantation is to choose the variety of cannabis that you are going to plant, if you have not yet decided on a strain, here is one that will surely catch your attention.

Keep reading this post, we will tell you about the Bubblegum marijuana flower of Zamnesia Seeds, it will fascinate you.

Characteristics of Bubblegum

This cannabis flower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is capable of producing some fantastic buds full of flavor. You will enjoy a sweet aroma and taste with earthy tones.

When consuming this strain you will feel a balanced effect, ranging from a powerful euphoric high to a relaxing body stone. Bubblegum has very high THC levels (19%) which make for a very potent high.

Considering the genetic background of this strain, surprisingly its growth traits are more on the Indica side. When planted, you will find flowers that grow short and fast. It produces dense buds in only 8-9 weeks.

When grown indoors you can expect a yield of around 500g/m², while outdoors she produces approximately 450-500g/plant and should be ready for harvest at the end of October.


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