Bubba Cheese Auto by Humboldt Seeds Organization

Written by on 26 August, 2020

If you are in the search of a variety of cannabis which is autoflowering and which offers you excellent characteristics, do not look any more, because here we present you a very good option, which, surely, once you know some of its qualities, you will love it.

Well, concretely, we will be speaking to you of the strain of marijuana Bubba Cheese Auto of Humboldt Seeds Organization, so continue reading.


The Bubba Cheese Auto is an automatic plant that comes from the combination of a Ruderalis and other strains of cannabis that are nothing more and nothing less than the UK Cheese and the Bubba Kush.

The result of this combination is this hybrid strain, mostly indica, which can provide a good and abundant production of buds full of resin.

Aroma and effect

Bubba Cheese Auto users will enjoy its fragrances that are a subtle blend of ripe fruit and blue cheese, among other aromas. They will also be able to experience its powerful and long-lasting effect that produces a balanced physical and mental sensation. Moreover, relaxing effect.


This feminized plant has a THC content of 13-17%, and can be grown both indoors and outdoors in different climates.

In indoor it can offer a production of 25-60 g/plant and in outside 25-60 g/plant.





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