Blueberry Cookies a powerful variety with cookie and fruit cake flavor

Written by on 10 October, 2020

Today it is much more common to be able to enjoy the best of the varieties indica and the best of sativas in the same strain, thanks to the hybrid plants. The truth is that currently many banks of seeds and breeders crossed various plants to create surprising genetics.

Dinafimen Seeds is not the exception. This bank gave itself the task to create the Blueberry Cookies. By its name, you can imagine what you can expect from this strain.


The Blueberry Cookies is a feminized seed of cannabis that is born from the crossing between nothing more and nothing less than the mythical Blueberry, and the Girl Scout Cookies, a variety with an aroma that reminds the cookies just come out of the oven.

The result is the Blueberry Cookies: a plant with a taste of cake of cookies and fruits with an intense taste of fruits of the forest with a bottom of cake and notes of Indica. Its buds when still in the plant provide a strong fruity fragrance, but then when they are dry and cured; it evolves into a rich bakery aroma.

This hybrid is a powerful strain with a strong mental and physical effect. Those who consume it will also be able to feel its physical narcotic and relaxing effect at the muscular level that it produces, thanks to its indica dominance and its levels of THC that reach 18% and even more.


Visually, it is quite a spectacle, due to its reddish, lilac, purple, and purple tones. Its buds are quite compact and heavy with a spiky shape and very large calyxes, a characteristic that differentiates them from the Kush flowers to which we are accustomed.

The Blueberry Cookies is a hybrid easy to grow. In plantations carried out in, indoor it can produce 400-500 g/m2 and outdoors it can produce 700-900 g/plant.







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