Bloody Skunk Auto: a beautiful autoflowering strain with a THC level up to 20%

Written by on 8 June, 2021

When we grow our own cannabis we usually all want to obtain resinous and aromatic plants, but to achieve this, it is very important to choose the right cannabis strain.

A Mary strain that will surely catch your attention not only for its potency, but also for the beauty of its flowers, is the hybrid strain Bloody Skunk Auto. Check out this post and learn more details about this flower.

Characteristics of the Bloody Skunk Auto strain

The Bloody Skunk Auto from Sweet Seeds, is a plant that originates from the cross between the Sweet Skunk Auto strain and a selected strain of the Red Poison Auto variety.

As a result of this mixture arises this beautiful and very aromatic variety of red flower. You will be delighted with this plant that can reach a THC level of around 20%. You will enjoy its strong and deep Skunk aroma, extremely sweet.

During its growing, this Indica dominant plant develops abundant side branches and large buds covered with aromatic resin.

Bloody Skunk Auto is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing and has a life cycle of about 8 weeks. As for its yields, indoors it produces harvests of 350-550g/m², while outdoors it produces around 35-175g per plant.



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