Black Jack: a very productive hybrid variety

Written by on 1 December, 2020

Like every cannabis grower, your main goal or dream is surely to get a bountiful harvest that will give you delicious buds filled with THC-charged resin.

Well, if you would like to obtain incredible results in your plantation, one of the fundamental advices that you must take in account to obtain it is to choose the ideal strain.

If you still do not know which variety of cannabis to grow, do not worry, in this post we will present you a strain that will surely attract your attention, we are talking about the Black Jack cannabis plant. Keep reading and know more details about this hybrid variety.

Characteristics of the Black Jack

The strain of marijuana Black Jack, of Sweet Seeds, is a plant that presents a very privileged genetics. To create this variety very famous vines were crossed, they are precisely the Black Domina 98′ and the respected Jack Herer. Its aroma similar to the incense of the churches provides to the consumer something very special.

This powerful and productive variety offers to the smoker the best of both worlds, because it is 50 % sativa and 50 % indica. Its levels of THC go from 16 to 21%.

The plant Black Jack is ideal to grow in inside and in outside. If you growing it in outside in the ground and if it receives sufficient sunshine, you will most probably obtain a very resinous harvest. Yields are good, around 500-600g/m² indoors, and 500-700g per plant outdoors.



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