Big Kush: a hybrid strain with balanced effect, high THC and great production

Written by on 20 May, 2021

If you consider yourself, a stoner who loves cannabis strains with Kush genetics that are easy to growing, fast, and productive and that offer you an unbeatable taste and aroma, then the Big Kush marijuana strain will become your best ally.

You will see this Dinafem Seeds’ specimen will reward you with very potent flowers with high THC levels. If this plant catches your attention, look at this post.

Effects and aroma

This hybrid plant, 50% indica, 50% sativa, comes from the cross between very popular varieties within the cannabis community, the Big Skunk and OG Kush.

The Big Kush can offer you a THC level of up to 20%, it is very powerful, but presents a very stable physical and mental balance. Its effect starts with a pleasant cerebral stimulation and evolves towards a soft sensation of body relaxation.

The aromas and flavors produced by this variety will fascinate you. Thanks to the limonene-type terpenes it contains, it produces a very strong lemony aroma that you will detect from a distance.

Growing characteristics

This marijuana strain is characterized by a medium-large stature; outdoors it can reach 3 meters in height.

Many cannabis growers will fall in love with the great production they can get with this variety of marijuana, in indoor growing it produces up to 600 g/m2, while outdoors it will reward you with yields of up to 600 and 900 g/plant.

Indoors this plant flowers in just 55-60 days and outdoors you can expect to harvest in late September or early October.







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