Best Cold weather strains in 2020

Written by on 24 April, 2020

Don’t you know what strain to use for those winter days? We have the solution for you. Here we present you the best strains for those cold seasons and that cannot be missing at home, that will give you the high of your life.


Cold Weather Strains

  1. The Somango XL: It is a variety of cannabis created to produce a classic cerebral and uplifting high, which does not make you feel tired or lethargic. This Somango x Critical 47 cross is also very resistant to adverse weather conditions. It can reach a height of 2m and produce about 600g per plant in optimal conditions. It has 18% THC.


  1. The Critical: It is a very complete strain that does a good job in all aspects of growth. It is vigorous, robust, strong, powerful and easy to grow. Above all, it tolerates the cold and, thanks to its short flowering period, it finishes before it starts to freeze and can reach 2.2m high and produces generous yields of an extremely relaxing herb. With 18% THC.


  1. White Widow: An award-winning Dutch classic that has retained its popularity for decades. It is a Dutch favourite and therefore tolerates northern European temperatures very well. Its bud induces a lucid, happy and euphoric high. As for its yields, it produces up to 600 grams per plant and reaches 1.9m in height. It has approximately 19% THC.


  1. The Skunk XL: It is the result of an intense breeding program to develop the best possible Skunk. It is a variety of cannabis with the best of the Skunk, taste and high included with a good resistance and a short period of flowering. It can reach 2m high and produces up to 675gr per plant. It has 17% THC.


  1. The Special Queen 1: This is one of the original classics, and a very popular choice for many growers. It is a mix of Power Bud x Skunk, and the result is an easy to grow strain with a relaxing and long-lasting high. Not only is it ideal for novice growers, thanks to its easy maintenance and short flowering time, it grows very well in colder regions. It finishes just in time to avoid frost and produces a generous crop of aromatic marijuana. It has 18% THC.


Which of these rich strains do you prefer to smoke on a rainy day?

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