Autoflowering marijuana strains with more THC is ideal to enjoy this 2022

Written by on 1 January, 2022

In this new year 2022 a good marijuana strain can’t be missing, therefore, here we will present you a list of autoflowering strains, from Fast Buds, rich in THC.

These strains are resinous, be sure you will enjoy a great effect, get out your joint and try one of these!

Gorilla Cookies Auto

This is probably one of the most potent auto strains on the market. This strain is the result of a cross between the automatic versions of Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies.

This marijuana plant can reach up to 27% THC, crazy! The unique terpene profile of earthy kush flavors with menthol and citrus undertones will offer you a pleasant cerebral high combined with a strong body effect. You will feel relaxed and motivated.

Wedding Glue Auto

The buds you will get from this strain will be super sticky. The flowers can reach a level of 26% THC and produce a potent and long-lasting effect.

This plant is very easy to grow, as it doesn’t need much maintenance, which makes it perfect for beginner growers.

Strawberry Pie Auto

This marijuana strain is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for an indica effect with a fruity touch.
You will fall in love with the thick and dense buds it produces. Moreover, this plant can reach a THC level of 26%.

The effect caused by this variety will not leave you sedated, but it will relax you and keep you alert. Ideal for smoking in the evening after a hard day.


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