Are you looking for a variety? Tips for choosing the perfect strain

Written by on 17 October, 2022

If you are starting out in the cannabis world, you have surely noticed that there are an infinite number of varieties of marijuana. In this sense, if these in the search of an ideal strain of marijuana for you, but you do not know how to choose it, you are not overwhelmed, here we will give you a series of advices that you must consider to choose the perfect variety.

How to choose a strain?

This is an excellent question, which has a very subjective answer. To determine which is the perfect variety, is a subject that depends on the tastes and preferences of each consumer.

Remember that each person is a world, therefore, what is good for some, probably will not be good for others. In short, to help you choose a strain, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

1) Recreational or medicinal

In principle, it defines if you resort to the cannabis by a recreational aim or by its medicinal qualities. This decision will allow you to choose correctly the variety that is adapted to your needs.

If you opt for the recreational aspect, you will have to choose a variety with a considerable content of THC; but if you seek the therapeutic side, without the psychoactive components, you will have to choose strains with high levels of CBD.

It is important that when choosing a strain you take into account the type of symptom you want to alleviate.

2) Indica or Sativa

The principal varieties of cannabis are the Indica and the Sativa, each one of these offers you particular characteristics. The first ones are associated, mainly, with the relaxing, corporal effects, and the second ones with cerebral and euphoric effects, among others. Analyze which effect you want.

If you are one of those who would like to try the best of both worlds, you can also choose a hybrid variety.

3) Growing

If you want to grow cannabis, before choosing a strain you must consider a variety of aspects such as the type of growing you want to do (indoor or outdoor), size that the plant can reach, growing medium, level of adaptability to climate, yield, among others.

Many growers resort to the autoflowering cannabis, because they are very compact and do not require strict cycles of illumination.

4) Taste and aroma

The varieties of cannabis have various terpenes, responsible for its characteristic aroma and taste, do not get complicated! To choose the best variety think about your favorite aroma and flavor.







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