Acapulco Gold a variety with Mexican origin

Written by on 22 September, 2020

In the cannabis world now a great diversity of strains of marijuana exists which, have many characteristics that make them unique. In this occasion we want to speak to you of a variety that surely will please to you, is the Acapulco Gold of Barney’s Farm.

Mexican origin

Barney’s Farm’s Acapulco Gold is a feminized cannabis strain originating from Acapulco, Mexico and the surrounding area. This hybrid has been cultivated in Central America since the 1960s.

What Barney’s Farm was unearth some of the best Central American cannabis genetics and hybridize them into a stable strain.

This plant dominantly Sativa (70% of genetics sativa and 30% of indica), blooms with central heads, firm, thick, and full of resin. However, this plant can also become very attractive for many, by its content of THC that, is of at least 23%, in the same way by the striking colors that it is able to give.

Taste and effect

Those who consume this plant can experience its long-lasting, powerful, calming and relaxing effect, as well as the cerebral, exciting, energizing, creative and euphoric effect. This plant can be of great help to those who seek to relieve stress.

In addition, consumers of Acapulco Gold will enjoy a sweet taste, and much more.



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