3 varieties with orange flavor

Written by on 17 June, 2020

Do you like oranges? Is it your favorite fruit? Well, how about finding some strains of cannabis with this delicious taste.

Here are 3 varieties with a citrus smell and taste that you’re sure to love, so Take Note!

1- Orange Cookies

This strain with Cookies genetics is one of the orange flavored varieties you can take into account.

Users who have tried this strain say it makes them feel happy and relaxed, so it’s an ideal companion for a party or to enjoy on the couch with your friends.

2- Tangie

The Tangie is a variety that is produced by mixing strains such as California Orange and a Skunk hybrid.

This variety gives off a citrus aroma and taste that will delight you. The effects it generates are euphoric and uplifting.

3- Mimosa

If the previous strains do not convince you, surely this variety with a sweet orange flavor does.

Mimosa originates from the crossing of varieties such as Purple Puch and Clementine. Thanks to its genetics, it has beautiful green and purple buds.

According to the users, this strain will cause effects that will make you feel animated and concentrated.






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