3 varieties of cannabis that will make you feel euphoric

Written by on 23 May, 2020

Are you feeling sad and crestfallen? well, don’t worry, fortunately, in the world of cannabis there are strains that can lift your spirits and even induce hours of laughter and joy, so don’t talk anymore and get to know these 3 varieties that will make you feel euphoric.

Purple Queen

You will not regret trying this strain that contains a 22% THC level, a real wonder that causes a deeply relaxing and euphoric effect, so much so that you will be stuck on the couch for a while.

Its flowering period takes about 8 or 9 weeks, indoors it is capable of producing 500g/m² and reaches a maximum height of 120cm, while outdoors it generates about 650-700g per plant and reaches about 210cm in height.

Sour Diesel

This variety, originally from California, is the strain you are looking for, because it has a euphoric, carefree effect that can free you from stress and anxiety.

This great plant is produced by crossing varieties such as Original Diesel, Northern Light, Shiva and Hawaiian. The result of this blend is a strain that contains a THC level of 19%.

Ideal for temperate climates, Sour Diesel indoors can produce crops of around 525g/m², (after a flowering period of 10 to 11 weeks), and outdoors it offers a maximum of 600g per plant, (end of October).


This plant comes from the mixture between Great White Shark and a variety rich in CBD. Although it contains a moderate level of THC of 9%, it produces a great effect that improves the mood and will fill you with euphoria. In addition, the sweet and fruity flavors and aromas that it offers will delight you.

Perfect for growing in cupboards or outdoors, this variety will reward you indoors with harvests of 450-550g m², is characterized by a medium height and a flowering period of 8 weeks.

Outdoors this strain generates 500g per plant and reaches about 120-150cm, and will be ready by mid-October.



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