2 Pounder of Kiwi Seeds, a very productive variety

Written by on 13 August, 2020

As you know, there are many varieties of cannabis, more and more, new presentations that are mixed with the oldest and create unique characteristics. In addition, strains with fascinating characteristics are developed; among these is the 2 Pounder.

Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi Seeds gives us the 2 Pounder, a predominantly sativa hybrid (originally from New Zealand), which is very productive and resistant to mold.


Those who consume this strain will experience its cerebral, blunt and relaxing effects. The effect of this strain is ideal for those moments when you need to concentrate or let your creativity flow. In addition, consumers will be able to enjoy flavors and aromas that will surely be pleasant.


 This plant grows fairly and quickly. As mentioned above the 2 Pounder is resistant to mold, which is very important especially if the room where your cannabis is grown or the area where you live, has the necessary conditions for mold to develop.























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