The Neutralizer: ideal for smokers looking for discretion

Written by on 1 August, 2020

As a cannabis lover, you know that your plants have a very strong aroma, which is usually very easy to recognize, so if you prefer to be a smoker or discreet grower, the intense smell of your marijuana can give you away. Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate these smells.

A great alternative to camouflage or eliminate the smell of marijuana is with The Neutralizer, a specialized product to neutralize the smells of cannabis, in any of its presentations, flower, wax, hashish, among others. A wonder! Read on to learn more about this product.

Advantages of using The Neutralizer

There are several products on the market to eliminate cannabis smells, but what makes The Neutralizer a fantastic product, is that it does not mask the cannabis aroma with another more powerful smell, but manages to neutralize the smells by cancelling them out completely.

The Neutralizer is a totally natural and versatile aroma neutralizer, as you can use it to eliminate the smell of your cannabis at any stage of your growing such as flowering and drying. In addition, with its three models, The Neutralizer is available for any situation.

Choose the ideal model for your growing space, the Neutralizer Compact Kit will suit many growers, and for a larger space, the Neutralizer Complete Kit is perfect.

This product is very easy to use, just put the liquid load in The Neutralizer and plug it in near the growing cabinet, but try to keep it away from the air intake of the extractor, ideally near the air inlet to the growing.

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