Why smoking marijuana makes you hungry?

Written by on 20 January, 2021

After trying your marijuana, do you feel like devouring a delicious snack? Do you feel a void in your stomach and want to eat a lot?

Well, to smoke a good joint not only puts you “high” or it produces relaxation and laughs to you, also it can cause hunger to you.

If you are reading, smoking your marijuana can make you feel the uncontrollable desire to eat (mostly junk food) but why does this, happen? Well, stay with us and find out more.

Marijuana and Hunger

Well, several are the studies that try to explain why after consuming cannabis the desire to eat wakes up.

The experts point out that THC, besides being responsible for producing the high, also causes the increase in food cravings.

You will see, when the THC enters the organism and this cannabinoid reaches the area of the brain that influences the appetite, “it will stimulate it to eat”, explained to CNN Gary Wenk, director of programs of pre-degree of neuroscience in the Ohio State University and author of Your Brain on Food.

Other aspects also indicate that after consuming cannabis the smokers have more desire to eat because their senses of the smell and the taste have been harnessed.

In addition, experts assure that the cannabis also helps to promote the liberation of the grhelina hormone that stimulates the hunger.

Final considerations

Those cravings that you get after smoking mota are also known as “munchies”. As we mentioned, those cravings that arise are mainly from foods like hamburgers, pizza, French fries, among others.

Well, that voracious hunger can be a little annoying, so to avoid the “munchies” the next time you get high we advise you to drink a lot of water, eliminate the temptations of junk food and choose strains that are not prone to produce those effects.


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