Why does music sound better when you smoke marijuana?

Written by on 18 July, 2022

To start the day in a good mood, there’s nothing like turning up the radio and listening to good music. Of course, pot can’t be missed!

You see, the cannabis culture maintains that listening to smoked music offers you a superior experience, but why does this happen?

Well, stay with us and learn more about this topic.

Music and marijuana

Although there is still very little research on how music and marijuana interact in the brain to produce deeper experiences. Various theories and anecdotes try to explain why music sounds so good when you’re high.

One of the raised hypotheses is the fact that the marijuana alleviates stress and causes that the brain releases dopamine, (a neurotransmitter known like “the hormone of the happiness”).

For that reason, if your mind and your body are relaxed after you smoke a joint, when you give play to your reproducer you could concentrate better in the melody and the rate of music in general.

There are those who claim that after they consumed the mota and then listened to the music, they could remember the lyrics better, and appreciate the sound better. Even many artists have stated that marijuana helped them to compose.

So, say no more, light up a joint, play your favorite song and let yourself go for the moment.

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