Why do THC percentages vary in cannabis strains?

Written by on 3 January, 2021

Cannabis strains with high THC percentages are often highly sought after by recreational users and many cannagrowers.

Nowadays there are so many strains and some have higher levels of this psychoactive component than others do, and this is due to several factors. Do you want to know why the percentage of THC in the varieties of cannabis can vary, keep reading the post that we will tell you soon.

Why does the level of THC vary in cannabis strains?

This is an excellent question. As you know, cannabis contains many cannabinoids, and some strains can have higher levels of some than others can, this is mainly due to the genetic composition of each strain.

There are many varieties with high THC, while others have very low percentages of this cannabinoid. It is of extreme relevance that you understand that this is not only product of the genetics, because, the work of the cannagrowers also plays a fundamental role, since the techniques of growing have the capacity to promote higher levels of the plant.

The variety that you choose establishes a limit of how much THC you can wait, if everything is done well. Many novice growers are unable to obtain the full THC potential their marijuana plants are capable of, due to mistakes in growing.

For such a reason it is very important that you maintain factors like the lighting, temperature, humidity, nutrition and watering, among others, in the suitable levels, because as you will be able to realize, that besides the genetics of the plant, it is the reason why there are diverse varieties with different percentages of psychoactive cannabinoids.









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