What is the Myrcene? What does this Terpene do?

Written by on 14 May, 2020

In today’s post, you will learn about “myrcene” one of the 7 most common terpenes of cannabis, which will help you to enhance a wide variety of beneficial effects.

Although cannabis is best known for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC and therapeutic CBD, the importance of terpenes for growing and using marijuana is now very prominent.

The most abundant terpene “myrcene” is especially relevant for its therapeutic potential and synergistic capabilities.


It is responsible for the aroma emitted by many popular strains from different seed banks around the world. It is often considered one of the varieties with a more “earthy” smell, with musky undertones that are very reminiscent of cloves. In addition, Myrcene contains fruity red grape and balsamic flavors with a hint of spice.

It is a monoterpene, which is an essential precursor for the formation of secondary and successive terpenes. This compound represents up to 50% of the total terpene content present in some vines. Varieties containing more than 0.5% myrcene tend to induce sedative effects normally attributed to indicas.


It helps to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, diabetes, is antispasmodic, and improves immune functions and dermatitis. Terpenes assist cannabinoids in absorption through the blood-brain barrier, binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system and helping to stimulate analgesic responses.


The famous cannabis varieties, rich in the Myrcene terpene, are mainly some of the best-known indica and hybrid strains, such as Special Kush 1, White Widow, Skunk XL, Gorilla and Blue Widow.

Studies show that Myrcene usually stimulates the typical sedative effect that leaves you stuck to the couch, due to the properties of THC and a high concentration of Myrcene. At the same time, many Myrcene rich strains are known to produce very pleasant euphoric effects, along with an overall feeling of relaxation.

You already know the properties of the “Myrcene” terpene. Would you like to try a euphoric or relaxing experience?

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