What is celebrated on 7/10 in the Cannabis community?

Written by on 10 July, 2020

Surely, on some occasion you have celebrated April 20, better known as the 4/20, alone, in the comfort of your home or in the company of some friends. However, did you know that this is not the only day in which some members of the cannabis community celebrate?

Well, precisely in this post we want to take the opportunity to talk to you about 7/10, if you still don’t know what it means and why it is celebrated, we invite you to discover it with us, so keep reading.

Origin of the celebration

As you may know, 4-20 is the day or the hour, which symbolizes the celebration of everything related to marijuana, well in this case, 7-10, is a figure used as a way to celebrate cannabis concentrates, which are quite potent and whose most common way of consumption is through dabbing.

On this day, dabbing lovers take the opportunity to get out their rigs and party. Over time this celebration has been gaining strength among cannabis users, and about its origin there are several hypotheses of how it arose, let’s see some of the most accepted:

1) There are those who indicate that some time ago, there were cannabis users who used a kind of code (7/10), which they sent through a text message to black market sellers, in order to get cannabis oil.

2) Others believe that 710 is the result of a group of young people who wanted to disguise the phrase “cannabis oil” and used this figure, which reads upside down and seems to say “Oil”.

In short, beyond the theories about its origin, this is a celebration; surely, the lovers of concentrate will not want to miss.






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