What is a sieve and what is it used for in the cannabis world?

Written by on 3 July, 2020

In the cannabis industry, several elements are used as tools to make the use of marijuana easier, such as, the grinder, the rolling paper or simply a sieve. Well, it is precisely the latter; we want to talk to you about this time.

If you are a beginner in the world of cannabis, with this post you will learn how to sift without any major inconvenience, so read on.

What is a sieve and what does it do?

This is an instrument, that can be made of metal, plastic or wood that has a circular or square support with a tightened mesh, which is used, to separate two solids of different sizes.

The sieve has several functions, but generally in the cannabis community, it is used to extract hashish or kif from marijuana buds. As we have mentioned before, sifting consists of separating solids, and in these cases, the aim is to separate the resin glands from the plant material that forms the bud.

How to perform the sieving?

The truth is that the operation of the sieve is quite simple. The substances are placed on this instrument and the sides are tapped so that the small particles, which on this occasion would be the resin, fall through the holes in the mesh or pores of the stocking, into the container previously placed under this tool.

In this way, the rest of the plant material should be trapped above the sieve, and all the resin will be accumulated in the container.


Although it may seem obvious, you need to make sure that the size of the holes in the sieve is in line with the size of the solid you are trying to sieve.

If you want to make hashish, you can use a mesh with a greater distance between the threads, but if you want to extract kif, the separation must be between approximately 80 and 270 LPI in order to make a quality sieve.

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