What does your cannabic horoscope say?

Written by on 5 June, 2020


You’re the most overblown sign that always talks about conspiracy theories to the smoke session conversation. Eccentric and nonconformist in your lifestyle and attitude.

The flying aquarium is always ready for anything. A full moon will move into the area of life that takes care of your place in the world. You might see some changes in your career this month and get the desire to add a daily activity to make the world a better place.


This month you should think deeply about your current relationships, sometimes it is better to avoid entering into a new romantic relationship, but reviving past relationships could be beneficial. Your high degree of intellectualism takes you to the top of the pile. Those of this sign are excellent co-pilots for road trips and smoke adventures.


If the quarantine has caused you some distress, then this is a chance to release it and let it go; have a little cigarette and relax your pelvis. Passionate and stubborn, the flying Aries must avoid life’s complexities. Therefore, you should smoke only for now.


The bull is the most likely star sign flown to seek out flavorful strains and enjoy the glory of the sweet, sticky smell of a good bag of cannabis. Your ideal smoke session includes soft cushions, incense and candles. In your current situation, make sure there is an equal exchange of give and take. Remember all the abundance you have and be grateful.


Happy Birthday! Passionate and intellectually curious, the Flying Twins find the greatest satisfaction in any Sativa they come across – it is always on the move, both physically and mentally. You should avoid deep indicas capable of keeping you calm on the couch as it overwhelms you to feel static in one place.


You find yourself in the great circles of smoke and always prefer to smoke with your closest cannabis friends, when you do it alone your favorite place to smoke is a soft and warm private sanctuary. The moon is shining its light here asking you to adapt to the change. Being in this moment of quarantine, the cosmic energies are aligned so you can start a business if that is something you are interested in.


The Flying Lion is the leader of cannabis pride, passionate and theatrical; you can’t miss any circle to smoke. You go from bongs to beers without fear of anything, all in the same night. He likes a challenge and loves the limelight.


The flying Virgo always knows where to get a good dealer. No circle of smoke is complete without you. You may not know the most exotic places to smoke, but Virgo will always find a safe place to smoke. Always work it out.


This is a good time to reflect on your relationships and your behavior. Always looking for balance and harmony, the flying pound is the most eager zodiac sign so this month you should smoke more indicative of Sativa. You will have many difficulties.


This month will be cosmically intense but the flying Scorpios handle this energy well although as with life and roller coasters, emotional navigation can lead to ups and downs. A well-balanced hybrid strain can help you to find the climax you need at this time.


You need good Sativa for this month, so be prepared for the enhanced creative effects to come. The flying Sagittarius is the best storyteller when it is passing the note. He or she sometimes gets very fancy when offered a little unfiltered cane but still accepts it.


In a big circle of smoke, the flying Capricorn may seem reserved but when she feels confident with her cannabis friends, she becomes the life of the party, smoke a good Sativa to boost those spirits.
















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