What do I do if my partner doesn’t like marijuana?

Written by on 22 November, 2022

There is nothing more satisfying for a smoker than finding a partner who also shares his taste for cannabis, right? However, not everyone is lucky enough to get it. Many times you fall in love with the one you least expect.

If your pair simply confesses you that, it hates that you smoke mota that can bring serious inconveniences to you in your relation, but maintain the calm! Here are some tips for dealing with that situation.

1- Reflect on yourself

A fundamental piece of advice for dealing with any inconvenience in your relationship is to start by reflecting on yourself, on your actions.

Analyze your behavior and ask yourself, have I fallen into the “smoker stereotype”? That those only smoke a joint and stay on the couch all day doing nothing, are late for work, or simply forget their homework. Well, if that’s the case, maybe your partner has reason to be upset.

For you the cannabis can be the best thing, but by your actions your pair will not think the same, for that reason, it is fundamental that you change those behaviors and you become a functional smoker, single thus, she or he could change their perspective on the marijuana.

2- Invite your partner to smoke with you

If your partner does not agree that you use cannabis, perhaps it is because he has never tried it. Well, a good idea might be to invite her to smoke with you.

Make sure you create a welcoming and comfortable time for her to have a successful experience with Mary Jane. Maybe your entire partner needed was someone she feels comfortable smoking.

3- Inform your partner about the benefits of smoking

So that your pair has another vision on the marijuana a good idea is to comment to him on the advantages that this plant produces, perhaps it does not know them.

Share with her or him everything related to cannabis and the benefits it brings to your life. Do you use cannabis to relax? Does it help you sleep better? Anyway, if your partner knows why cannabis is so important to you, he may end up accepting the habit.

Final considerations

As in every relationship, there are things you will not agree. In situations like this, it is essential that you listen to your partner’s opinions about cannabis so that they do not agree with yours.

It is also ideal that you have the best attitude towards problems and are even willing to give in. No one says you have to give up on cannabis, but you may have to change your habits.

You could choose to have your 420 session when you are alone. The idea is to continue enjoying and sharing with your two lovers: the mota and your partner!


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