Weeding! A wedding in the best 420 style

Written by on 20 July, 2022

A new trend in love affairs is weddings in the best “420 or Green Wedding” style. Do you want to know how big smokers get married? Stay with us and you will know how to get married accompanied by the main godmother, “Mary Jane”.

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in some countries and in several states of the United States, wedding planners are offering themed weddings centered on marijuana.

At this time, there are endless innovations in the Cannabic world, a market that is growing every day.

“Weeding” is a term that combines the words weed and wedding. These weddings have their own ritual, starting with a “first touch” made by both members of the couple before the first kiss.

To get married and celebrate with your friends “The Weeding of your Dreams”, you can organize it in an open space, wide for the special theme 420. Where you can include cannabic desserts (very low dose), cannabar and areas for your stoning where guests who do not consume marijuana do not wish to participate.

You can have from the smallest green detail, including the bride’s bouquet with marijuana leaves and an endless number of special items for your decoration. It is ideal to have your range of flowers, edibles and vapes.

Also, you should include your CBD area for those guests who don’t want the THC feeling, and it’s a way to educate them on this subject. You can also view “Green Wedding” glider displays in Las Vegas, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles, so you can learn more about this theme.

What are you waiting for? If you’re planning to get married, start planning “The Weeding of Your Dreams” and take your guests to a “High Love” celebration.






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