Ways to improve your walk with cannabis

Written by on 21 October, 2022

Walks along rivers, through wild fields or even in the forest are an excellent way to escape from the everyday and connect with nature.  In addition, what better than using cannabis to enhance your outdoor experience?

Follow us and take note of some tips on how to make the most of a walk with marijuana.

1- Start with a sativa

The perfect company for those walks along the forest are the strains of cannabis sativa, because this type of marijuana tends to provoke an effect more energizing and motivating, so, before undertaking your adventure for the mountain that you do not forget to keep in your rucksack a good provision of these varieties.

Among the plants preferred for walks, you can choose a Durban Poison, Green Crack, Lemon Skunk, Tangie, among others. Any of these strains will give you the energy you need to walk long distances.

2- Get ready

Before leaving home and smoking a good joint, make sure you have the maps marked and the trails established remember to let someone know where you will be. It is ideal to always be prepared for emergencies when hiking.

Preparing yourself for your mountain adventure will make the whole trip much more relaxing.

When you get to the top of the hill, find a nice place away from people and enjoy your Mary Jane in moderation, remember that in the forest you may encounter certain animals that are dangerous to you.

3- Take a thermos with water

Since cannabis and high altitude hikes naturally dehydrate you, it is important that you pack enough water and stay hydrated on your long journey.

4- Ends with an indica

When your legs start bending like noodles, it’s time for you to set up camp and take out the signs.

After a long walk, a good indica will relax your muscles, and relieve pain and discomfort. You can try a Bubba Kush or Grape Ape and enjoy your 420th walk!

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