Twitch will allow usernames alluding to cannabis 

Written by on 23 February, 2022

Twitch, the leading video game streaming service, announced the update of its user name policy. One of the highlights of this measure is that it will allow those names that refer to cannabis.

The Amazon-owned company established “stricter guidelines to remove inappropriate usernames and help prevent the creation of what it considers offensive usernames,” Forbes reported.

“We want to make Twitch a place where everyone feels at home,” the company noted. It further added that “curbing hateful behavior and harassment is vital to making Twitch a safe and fun place to spend time.”

The company also stressed the importance of usernames on the site. “They are your textual avatar in chat and a crucial piece of the channel’s brand.”

While Twitch will allow usernames related to cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco, it will not do so with so-called “hard drugs,” the update said.

In addition, as reviewed by Marijuana Moment, Twitch clarified that there is a ban on usernames that constitute “hate speech, threats of violence and personally identifiable information,” as well as references to “sexual acts, arousal, fluids or genitalia.”

This new Twitch policy appears to align with the new position Amazon has taken on cannabis in recent months. Since last year, the e-commerce giant has been in favor of legalizing the plant in the United States.



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