TOP 3: CBD to relieve stress and anxiety in quarantine

Written by on 12 April, 2020

In these days of quarantine and being protected at home, stress, anxiety, insomnia and other factors often occur, because perhaps we do not know what activities to do, we are not used to continuous confinement, or simply thinking about the situation, we are living now.

Today we present you with 3 CBD products, which can help you relax and free you from those tensions that will make your #stayathome more peaceful.

CBD is widely used to lessen the impact of chronic daily stress, which affects our immune health. In this way, oil, tinctures and other CBD products can have a double beneficial effect on our immunity, which is especially important at this time when dangerous infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus, are spreading around the world and we could use all the help we can get to protect ourselves.

The endocannabinoid system plays a key role in regulating mood and may be able to desensitize the brain to stress. Especially for those who experience anxiety, depression, and even insomnia, as they will be able to use CBD products to relieve their symptoms.

CBD products you can use:

– Oils: CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp and does not contain THC, the famous component with psychoactive properties. CBD oils are taken orally by putting a few drops under the tongue for about 90 seconds before swallowing. You can find them in different presentations and brands.

– Tinctures: A tincture is a medicine obtained by dissolving a drug in alcohol. They are very similar to CBD oils because they contain high levels of CBD. Like CBD oils, tinctures can also be taken sublingually by keeping a few drops under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

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– Sublingual Strips: They work by interacting with the body’s oral mucosa, the absorbent membranes under the tongue. The product works like a charm. The key is to keep the mouth closed for about 3 to 5 minutes as the strip dissolves. You can get any flavor and brand you want.

You don’t have to worry about quarantine! Use the CBD and #stayathome

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