Tips to tell your parents that you smoke cannabis

Written by on 21 July, 2022

The time is 420! There is nothing better than smoking a joint at home without having to hide, however, many smokers are forced to make discreet and even lie, but enough is enough! It’s time for you to be honest and tell your parents that you are a mota lover.

Telling your parents that you smoke marijuana may seem like a scary conversation, but don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips to make this process easier for everyone.

1- Choose the right moment

To start a calm and pleasant conversation, it is ideal to choose a suitable place and the right moment. Keep in mind that if your family is going through a difficult period, this news can make the situation worse. Wait until the waters calm down to tell them your secret.

2- Prepare what you want to say

When you are going to start talking to your parents, it is important that you are really honest and confident in what you are going to tell them, so that it will be much easier for them to trust you.

If necessary, prepare everything you want to tell them so that you can get straight to the point and remember to speak naturally, you don’t want to look like a robot.

3- Share information with your parents

Many people look with bad eyes the cannabis partly for lack of knowledge on the plant. Maybe your parents will be the same way.

If you notice that your parents show some receptivity a great idea is to share some information with them, they will probably understand why pot is important to you.

4- Save the joints for later

A well-rolled joint is irresistible, but listen, if you’re going to talk to your parents it’s best to save it for later, because it won’t be the best time to get stoned, remember that they’ll just start to assimilate the news, so be careful and give them time.

Final considerations

In addition to the advice we mentioned, it is ideal to prepare yourself for any reaction that this news may cause your parents, because the fact that you are in favor of mote does not mean that your parents will be too, so stay calm and try to understand them.

By telling your parents what you’ve been hiding for so long, you’ll feel like a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Now turn on the joint you saved and relax!


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