Tips for using cannabis leaves

Written by on 18 July, 2020

Cannabis buds are not the only parts of the plant you can tap into, as marijuana, leaves also have a variety of uses. So do not throw them away, here are some alternatives to make the most of your harvest.

1) Spray them

Although this element does not contain much THC, you can wipe the cannabis leaves; and use them raw (in stems).

2) Make extracts

Take advantage and make cannabis extracts. The best way is with an Ice-O-lator because you can extract only the trichomes, and it is the easiest and safest option.

3) Rolling paper 

Another alternative to make cannabis leaves useful is to use them as rolling papers. Some cannabis users advise drying the leaves flat before rolling.

4) Prepare edibles

You can also make food and extract its power through the cooking process. If you have enough leaves, you can make tasty cookies. The dried leaves also serve as a garnish on the pizza to give it a different flavor.

You can also make a tea from the cannabis leaves.  Remember that cannabinoids are soluble in fat, so when you make it, use milk instead of water and simmer it for a few minutes.


If the plant has been treated with fertilizers you should avoid using the largest leaves of the plant, because more residues that are chemical are concentrated there. The leaves closest to the buds are loaded with resin, however, in general be careful anyway.

Make sure that you have done your marijuana growing, in case you have not planted it yourself. If you are not sure how the plant was grown, it is best to give up on the idea of using it. It’s about your health.

In addition, before preparing any cannabis food or drink make sure you use the right amount of leaves (not too much), although they do contain low levels of cannabinoids, you should always be careful about the dose you use when preparing food.

Keep in mind that the effects of this method of consumption manifest themselves later than other methods and it is difficult to maintain control so the experience can be negative.

Finally, it is important that when preparing edibles or extracts, you first decarboxylate the plant material.

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