Tips for talking about marijuana with your family or friends

Written by on 29 October, 2022

Although recreational and medical cannabis has been legalized in some countries, in many places marijuana is still considered taboo, so talking to your family or friends about your preference for the drug can be a bit tricky.

Don’t be afraid, it’s time for you to come clean. To make your task easier, take note of some tips that will help you approach the subject in the best way.

1- Choose the most appropriate moment

If you want to have a calm and pleasant conversation, it is appropriate to choose the best time for it.

Keep in mind that if your family is going through a complicated period, this news can make the situation worse. Wait until the waters calm down to tell them your secret.

2- Listen to the opinion of your loved

First of all, take the time to listen to your family or friends’ opinions on the subject. When talking to them, keep in mind that anyone who is against legal cannabis today is likely to approach you with prejudice.

Try to remain calm and open-minded. Listen to their concerns with genuine interest.

3- Answer their questions honestly

Once you have allowed your loved to express their concerns, it is time to answer the questions they have asked you.

Do your research ahead of time so you can properly address any information they may have. Remember that many people look down on cannabis in part because of a lack of knowledge about the plant, so be prepared.

4- Talk about your experience with cannabis

If you want to try to get your family or friends to change the perception they have about cannabis, you must tell them about your experience with marijuana and the benefits you get from consuming it. Don’t forget, be honest in your answers and be confident when you speak.

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