Tips for creating your marijuana grow room

Written by on 11 October, 2022

Would you like to grow your marijuana flowers? Don’t know where to do it? Well, how about creating your own grow room at home? Sounds good! If you have a space of about one m2, that’s enough to get started.

Home growing offers you many advantages: one of them is that you will be able to count on a constant supply of your precious weed. Here are some tips on how to set up your grow room in your home.

1- Choose the place

Empty rooms, attics, basements, or closets, all places can be used to create a growing space.

To maintain discretion, when deciding on one of these places, take into account factors such as the noise that fans can make or the smells that your marijuana can give off.

2- Lightproof

To create an optimal environment for your flowers to grow, the grow room or closet must be light-proof.

You see, to flower without problems, your girls need to be under a lighting cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Light leaks during the hours when the lamps are off can stress your photoperiodic plants, stunting their growth or interrupting their flowering. That’s why your home cupboard should be light-proof. If you notice there’s a gap or hole that lets external light into your grow room, cover it with some tape.

3- Safety and fire prevention

Although most growers usually reach the harvest stage without any problems or mishaps, fire accidents should not be ruled out, so be prepared.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand when something goes wrong, and it is also recommended to install a fire alarm.

Also, check your growing equipment regularly to detect failures or leaks in time.

Also, keep your grow room clean and tidy. Each electrical appliance should have an assigned space to keep the cables and tools well organized to avoid tripping.

4- Ventilation

To create the perfect growing environment entire room should be equipped with at least one oscillating fan as the idea is to ensure constant air circulation.

If you let your marijuana flowers develop in a warm and humid environment without renewing the air, pests and diseases will soon appear.  Therefore your grow room should be well ventilated.

If the grow room you are creating is for a few plants, some growers find a wall fan will suffice.



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