Tips for being an eco-friendly smoker

Written by on 8 September, 2022

If you are a lover of pot but also consider yourself a defender of the environment, say no more! It’s time for you to become an eco-friendly smoker.

Yes, just as you are reading, there are ways to give the planet a break and still enjoy the pleasure of marijuana. We’ll give you some tips that will surely help you.

1- Choose organic cannabis

A very practical and simple way to start being an organic smoker is to buy or grow your pot organically, as it will be free of chemicals and pesticides. The environment and your body will thank you.

2- Recycle the packaging

Do you buy your buds at the dispensary? Do you use tinctures or oils? Anyway, regardless of how you use your cannabis usually there is a package involved so recycle it!

Use the container or wrapper your cannabis comes in for something else or use the same container when you want to stock up on your Mary Jane again.

3- Use hemp-rolling paper

If you can’t stop smoking joints, there’s no shortage of rolling papers among your accessories, so for a more ecological experience, papers made of hemp seem to be a good option.

Hemp rolling papers usually don’t bleach, tend to have a slight taste that many users like and also burn slowly.

4- Buy marijuana in your locality

When you want to buy your cannabis outside your location, stop and ask yourself how far the marijuana has to travel to get to your bong?

Well, reduce the amount of pollution that is in the transport of cannabis and support local growers; just make sure the buds you choose are of quality.

Final considerations

There are many ways to be an eco-friendly smoker, it’s just a matter of thinking a little bit and changing your consumption habits, for example you can use a pipe instead of rolling a joint, you know! Think green and contribute to a more sustainable cannabis community.




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