This is the best marijuana strain of 2021, according to Leafly

Written by on 16 December, 2021

Every year, cannabis platform Leafly Holdings, Inc. chooses the marijuana strain that demonstrated the greatest impact on the market from among the 5,000 strains in the company’s database.

The cannabis strain selected as the best of this 2021 was Dosidos, among a few reasons, for its award-winning genetics that produces a classic OG high.

The firm’s platform has more than 125 million visitors a year. Leafly editors select the annual Leafly Strain of the Year based on a combination of data including search trends, online traffic, and flower chart availability, as well as expert analysis and cannabis industry editorials from breeders, growers, and retailers.

Dosidos earned the distinction “thanks to its remarkable track record, and a rise in search traffic (up 10% year-over-year) to enter the Top 20 most viewed genetics,” El Planter reviewed.

Dosidos, also known as “Dosi”, is a hybrid strain originating from Archive Seeds cannabis seed bank in Portland, Oregon, which crossed renowned types of OG Kush and GSC to create this strain.

This marijuana plant is popular with both medical and adult users. Leafly visitors report that Dosi is a strain that can help with sleep, anxiety, and pain relief while providing mental and body relaxation. This variety also has a spicy, earthy flavor and sweet aroma.

“Wine Spectator knows wine. Spotify knows music. Leafly knows cannabis. When you see the flower of the year in Leafly, you’re meeting a new member of the ‘Cannabis Hall of Flame.’ The strain’s polished appearance, pungent smell, and dizzying high will make anyone from jaded connoisseurs to happy novices sit up,” stated David Downs, publisher of Leafly.


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